[Talk-us] Picher and Senica

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun May 11 11:35:46 BST 2008

I have given Picher, Oklahoma and Senica a minor cleanup following their
hitting the headlines.



I have sorted some of the geometry, updated some highway tags and corrected
some obvious errors in the rail network. I have also converted railway=spur
to railway=rail so that the lines as least render and meet current tagging
rules. Should the country road grid in an area like this be tertiary or
secondary I wonder (I haven't touched it so far)?


I have requested a re-render by Osmarender of both areas.  If anyone wants
to find it Picher is 'village 13km north east of Miami'



Should we patrol the news and make sure that places that hit the news are up
to a good standard?













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