[Talk-us] Splitting Ways

Alex L. Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Sat May 17 21:32:14 BST 2008

Ian Dees wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As has been pointed out to me, the counties that I imported are
> sometimes incredibly long ways, making it really hard for tiles at home
> renderers to do their job. Can anyone suggest a method of
> programmatically cutting up the ways now that they are already in the
> system? I suppose I could ask the DB admins to delete all of the imports
> I did and then figure out a way to reimport them, but I wanted to make
> sure that there wasn't a way to do it that someone had figure out already.

I'd do it very selectively, only on the ones that are more than ... I
dunno, 100 or so segments in length.

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