[Talk-us] Creating Rules to Auto-OSM-Tag Shapefiles

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 02:51:26 BST 2008

I've been seeing more and more requests for help in importing local
government shapefiles. I have several shapefile -> osm converters, the best
of which converts multipolygons, linestrings, and points into OSM data very

The only issue is how to take the information contained in the shapefile and
use it to apply OSM tags to the geometry. I'd like to try and figure out a
way to describe this process in some sort of scripting or XML-type file.

This "something" needs to take a shapefile geometry context (what kind of
geometry it is, where in the geometry we are, and what the attributes for
that geometry are), figure out what OSM tags apply to the OSM primitive
based on the context, and move on to the next geometry. Preferably, this
"something" should be very simple to use or modify, so that someone without
a lot of programming skills can use it without too much learning curve.

Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this subject?
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