[Talk-us] directions of ways in MassGIS data

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Feb 1 15:33:24 GMT 2009

In Massachusetts osm has state GIS data, and a number of the 1-way ways
are the wrong direction.  This is particularly obvious for divided
highways, e.g. Rt 2 inside 128, 495 near Rt 2.

Clearly I could go edit these manually.  But I wonder if there is
automated way to fix this, perhaps by going back to the massgis data
(surely massgis would encode direction), spiffing up the import script
and applying diffs.  Did this issue arise with TIGER data, or in other
states with state-level data?

Also, some of the classifications seem not quite right.  Rt. 2 is
sometimes labeled primary, which is correct some of the time, but the
length between Alewife and 128 seems to be to me a motorway.  Is it the
general consensus that state and US highways that are divided and have
only on/off ramps and speed limits of 55/65 be tagged as motorways?
That's how I interpret the tagging guidance but wanted to ask before
changing it.


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