[Talk-us] directions of ways in MassGIS data

Chris Lawrence lordsutch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 21:44:10 GMT 2009

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 1:56 PM, Zeke Farwell <ezekielf at gmail.com> wrote:
> Two examples of where I have used Trunk are US 4 and US 7 near Rutland, VT:
> http://openstreetmap.com/?lat=43.538&lon=-73.084&zoom=11&layers=B000FFF
> Route 7 south of Rutland is sometimes divided, sometimes not.  It has
> interchanges, but they are all same grade.  It also has regular
> intersections.  It has characteristics of Primary and Motorway, so I
> classified it as Trunk.
> Route 4 west of Rutland is completely divided, two lanes each way, it has
> limited access, and all of it's interchanges are grade separated.  It fits
> the description of a Motorway, but on either end it degrades to a Primary
> road, and it doesn't connect to any other Motorways.  Because it doesn't
> connect to the greater Motorway network, I classified it as Trunk.

I think an important thing to consider when choosing the
classification is that motorway implies that the road is completely
unsuitable for pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle traffic (often that
traffic would be illegal).  If there is a significant stretch (more
than 2 consecutive interchanges) of continuous full control of access,
or an official source (e.g. the state DOT map) shows it as a freeway,
I'd tag those parts with motorway even if this leads to something
disconnected from the broader "network."

The trunk/primary distinction on the other hand is more a subjective
call based on the importance of the route and how appropriate it is
for through traffic over the "long haul" - e.g. a route that is the
next best thing to a continuous freeway/motorway.  Route 2 is clearly
a major through route in Mass. so the parts that aren't up to freeway
standards probably should be tagged as trunk.  And the significant
parts that are should be motorway.

IMHO of course ;-)


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