[Talk-us] Mapping Parties and Conferences in Southern California

Blars Blarson openstreetmap-talk-us at scd.debian.net
Sat Feb 7 04:38:33 GMT 2009

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brandon at cloudmade.com wrote:

>Do you live in Southern California or plan on attending either BIL  
>Conference and/or SCALE this month? Sign up for one of my mapping  
>parties, check out the OSM booth at SCALE, look for me and Steve Coast  
>at BIL Conference next weekend or let me know if you are part of a  
>group that would like to hear a presentation at one of your meetings.

Brandon will not be attending SCALE.  Hurricane McEwan will be doing the
OSM booth.  I'm not sure of the status of the booth helper passes, but
I would expect more help would be welcome.  

If you just want to come heckle my talk and the OSM bof, there is a
super-secret discount code at: 

I'm not sure of the status of the Southern California mapping parties,
it is possible they will be posponed.
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