[Talk-us] National Forest Boundaries

Theodore Book tbook at libero.it
Wed Feb 18 20:19:36 GMT 2009

The Etowah river watershed is now completely uploaded - although even 
with the faster updates, Mapnik still has some catching up to do.  I 
will wait a week or so, but if no-one sees any problems, I may upload 
some more Georgia watersheds.  The basin is at:
Despite my taking a "local" approach, I do think it would be great if we 
could do a coordinated national upload of the NHD data, however.

I am also looking at the GIS data from the Chattahoochee-Oconee National 
Forests, and was wondering if we had come to a consensus on National 
Forest boundaries - should they simply be tagged "landuse=forest", or is 
some other tag ("natural=wood", or "boundary=national_park") preferred? 
   Or do people think that it is better not to tag National Forest 
boundaries at all?

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