[Talk-us] National Park Boundaries

Nathan Mixter srmixter at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 19 20:50:47 GMT 2009

 National parks and national forests are clearly are two different
things. That is something that Google and others do not recognize. They
just do one green for everything and they don't have BLM or open space

I know in the past open space land has been a posilbility as being
included in OSM. Maybe we can finally decide on a way to render these so
they don't conflict with parks.

Is it safe to assume that BLM, open space and national forests are on the
same level of importantance? These are all things that belong in OSM, but
we have to figure out on what level. Are there others that should be
included in this grouping?

Maybe these could all be rendered in a light green and then have all
parks be in a darker green. These could be on level 1 by default and then
all parks such as national, state, local and other parks could be on
level 2 and be rendered above the national forest or other landuse tags.

Also another issue is how to handle overlap if landuse= forest, etc is
used and it conflicts with a park.Would there be two overlapping landuses
here? Would these be level two going over the top of level 1 uses? Maybe
in this case, deleting the landuse forest and going with the more
specific park or national forest tag. Maybe it depends on case. Maybe a
forest tag could be on top of a national park if there are other landuse
tags also. Not sure how this would work.
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