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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 22:13:01 GMT 2009

Hi all,The talk-us list brought up a good point, that we (for the
GeoBase/CanVec) import.  ... BTW, EVERYTHING that is available on the
geogratis.ca site which is under the same license is up for grabs.
We haven't yet listest EVERYTHING which COULD be imported. ...
Anyway, in Canada parks/forests/protected area's are also all messed up and

 We got local parks, regional parks. ..
Which have varying levels of protection. ... in some cases, with a vote of
the local government, land can be sold off to developers for suburbia. .. or
partially sold for "Arbor Cleansing... clearing 'debris' so then trees wont
fall on paths, in the 'nature park'. ... or we can Pave our way through the
'nature' park.
We also have Aboriginal/Native Reserves... again these are different, as it
could (probably) be sold off.
We also have Unesco Biosphere reserves. Protected areas.

We have provincial parks... and national Parks.. run by 2 sets of
governments... we have inter-provincial parks.. a shared government run

So in summation, the best bet is to make an 'educated guess' and mark down
only what we know to be true. ... sometimes marking "note=national_forest"
and having the actual tag "landuse=park", "natural=forest"  is better. I
prefer to tag "operator=BC Parks" or "operator=Parks Canada"

Remember that the tags that actually show that the physical thing you are
looking at is; can be different than what the government says it is.
Ie. .. because a sign says "national park ahead", the entire political area
can be shown as a dashed line area.... but the physical land can be
different. .. ie. if there is an area which is a marsh, and an area of
high density forest (evergreens) we would like to note that on the map, with
different icons/symbols.
So yes, we can have the best of both worlds. .. so park rangers can be
happy, and edit the map themselves, when the park changes boundaries.

BC Parks:  I was told that BC Parks "acquires land".  So what does that
mean?  Well, we know that ALL land is  owned by someone... the default
ownership is "Crown Land"... and from there it is registered and divided by
different groups... Reserve land etc.  Public land. .. But there are always
restrictions of what it means to be 'public land' ... it could mean that you
are allowed to hike through it, without a permit. .. but it doesn't mean
that you can cut down trees and start digging.

Anyway, the purpose of this note is that there are 2 forms of tagging. ..
tagging the physical natural elements, and tagging the political land

IMO, land ownership is shown by the boundary lines, and physical elements
are shown by icons and symbols and area colours.

Sam Vekemans
Across Canada Trails

P.S. If i had my way, i would tag the whole area as 'biohazard' so then it
will be left alone... but thats just me :0)  ... nor is it realistic.
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