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On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 8:06 PM, Christopher Schmidt <
crschmidt at metacarta.com> wrote:

>  1. How badly does it screw up an NHD import if I upload Mass data from
>    a different source?

It won't screw it up I don't think. We would just refrain from
converting/importing the subbasins that MassGIS covers.

>  2. Who is working on NHD?

I am. There was some interest earlier from otheres, but I haven't heard
anything in a while.

>  3. If I help with NHD, what is the timeline before I can get
>     Massachusetts data uploaded?

Feel free to upload the MassGIS data whenever you want. I can convert the
Massachusets NHD data and send it your way if you want. You could then
compare it to what you get from your MassGIS conversion?

>  4. How the heck can I find data to start playing with -- especially
>    local data?

NHD data is accessible by going to the data viewer (http://nhdgeo.usgs.gov/),
then by clicking on the extract tool on the left and dragging a bounding box
to specify which subbasins you want the data for. A window will pop up where
you can specify that you want high-resolution data in Shapefile format.
Don't select the "fill in flowlines", put your e-mail in, and you'll get an
e-mail when its extracted.

I have 6 DVDs with the nation's NHD data on it from a few months ago, so I
was planning on using that to start the conversion (as opposed to doing
extracts from the website for each chunk).
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