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Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Thu Jun 4 02:05:24 BST 2009

Dion Dock wrote:
> I have a small-picture, big-picture issue.
> Small picture: I've got a track of I84 in Oregon from Mosier to  
> Gresham, westbound.  The problem is OSM has most of I84 as one two- 
> directional way.  What's the best way to add this track?  Most of the  
> ramps will be messed up until all the data is cleaned up.  In this  
> particular case, things are somewhat worse since the Tiger import of  
> the freeway isn't particularly accurate, and the railroads that run  
> parallel are worse.  In other words, I can make the highway look  
> better at the expense of the railroad.

I've looked at that section before, and I've considered taking care of
the problem, but I haven't taken a drive out to the Columbia Gorge to
make downloading the section actually easy.  Things I know need to be
done in the Columbia Gorge:

1) Fix I84, Historic Columbia Gorge Highway, WA14, Burlington Northern &
Santa Fe tracks and Union Pacific tracks.  Last I took a hard look in
the area, WA14 also needs to be divided to just west of the Washougal
city line with a few more dozen ramps fixed.  I haven't looked at the
ways through the gorge recently; this may have changed.

2) Add cliff-lines.  Having lived three years in Wood Village, I can
safely say that there are a LOT of ignorant tourists (guess which state
the plates typically are!) that drift through town who haven't ever
heard of the Columbia Gorge before and are taken completely by surprise
by the 100-1000' tall cliffs, in some cases splitting neighborhoods
within the same town (Corbett, Troutdale, Wood Village, Hood River, The
Dalles on the Oregon side; Camas, Washougal, White Salmon, Brinion?,
Marysville on the Washington side).  These cliffs start somewhere in
Fairview on the Oregon side, and somewhere between Camas/Washougal on
Vancouver on the Oregon side; I'm not sure I've ever driven out of the
gorge completely past the foothills east of The Dalles this decade.

3) Add museums.  (The Gorge Museum in Hood River, the Hill Museum in
Maryhill, the Typewriter Museum in Maryhill, more than I can remember at
the moment scattered almost in every tiny little town along the way on
both sides of the river).

4) Remove abbreviations TIGER imported.  Sometimes, I really wonder if
TIGER was such a hot dataset to import...

> Big picture: What's the best way to create divided highways from  
> undivided highways?  Potlatch offers a way to do it, although I'm  
> stumped as to what the separation should be.  Sometimes its a "jersey  
> barrier" wall; sometimes a grassy median.  Does JOSM offer this feature?

It doesn't matter what the separation is, I-84 through Oregon is
dual-carriageway (unless you're trying to go for extra credit and enter
barrier and landuse ways for concrete and grass medians or something).

> Has anyone done this before?  Is there an efficient way to do it?  I'm  
> concerned that things will look worse before they look better (e.g. my  
> track is only westbound) and I don't want anyone freaking out about it.

I'm not sure there's an efficient way to do it, short of deleting the
bad TIGER ways first before trying to draw in the dual carriageway.  I'm
not sure anybody really cares if you sack TIGER data as long as what
replaces it is an improvement.

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