[Talk-us] Tidying up TIGER data

Ted Percival ted at midg3t.net
Thu Jun 4 07:36:58 BST 2009

Paul Johnson wrote:
> 4) Remove abbreviations TIGER imported.  Sometimes, I really wonder if
> TIGER was such a hot dataset to import...
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:name#Abbreviation_.28don.27t_do_it.29

I wrote a script to expand TIGER abbreviations into full words. It's an 
addon for the change_tags.py script 
which unfortunately doesn't work with API 0.6 yet - at least last time I 
tried. It does a few other things too, particularly for areas that use 
the grid system.


Its functions are:
- Strip "St" suffix from grid-named streets (eg. "South 500 West")
- Collapse multiple spaces into a single space (lots of TIGER)
- Expand abbreviated directions (eg. "S 500 E" to "South 500 East")
- Expand abbreviated suffixes ("Rd" -> "Road", "St" -> "Street", etc)

There's also detection of reference numbers for US highways based on 
TIGER supplementary name tags, and religion & denomination detection for 
place_of_worship (mainly for the GNIS imported data).

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