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Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Thu Jun 11 02:48:51 BST 2009

Karl Newman wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org
> <mailto:baloo at ursamundi.org>> wrote:
>     Karl Newman wrote:
>     > *Avoid duplicate copies of messages?*
>     >
>     > When you are listed explicitly in the To: or Cc: headers of a list
>     > message, you can opt to not receive another copy from the mailing
>     list.
>     > Select /Yes/ to avoid receiving copies from the mailing list; select
>     > /No/ to receive copies.
>     >
>     > If the list has member personalized messages enabled, and you elect to
>     > receive copies, every copy will have a X-Mailman-Copy: yes header
>     added
>     > to it.
>     This does not work:  What about gmane users?
> I don't really know how gmane works from a posting perspective (e.g., do
> you have to be subscribed to the mailing list to be able to post from
> gmane, like you do on nabble?), but on http://gmane.org/post.php I found
> this:
> -----
>     What address is used?
> The news-to-mail authorization script uses the From header to determine
> who's sent the message. If the Reply-To header exists, that header is
> used instead. If you wish From to take precedence over Reply-To, insert
> a non-empty Gmane-From header as well.
> If you wish to redirect replies to your messages back to the mailing
> list, add a Mail-Copies-To: never header to your messages. That will
> result in a Mail-Followup-To header being generated by Gmane. These
> headers are heeded by quite a few mail readers.
> If you add a Reply-To header to your messages that points to a mailing
> list, the message will be silently dropped.

Right, what gmane is describing assumes that everyone on the mailing
list is using a mailer that was written or has been actively been
maintained in the last 10 years, ie, provides a minimum amount of common
functionality.  The problem with that, as I see it, is that there's a
number of people who can't, or won't, switch away from an underfeatured
mail reader like gmail's web interface or Microsoft Outlook or Outlook
Express, which lack features that would pay attention to such headers.

"Followup to list" or "reply to list" is a feature most mailers have
these days; and by gmane's example you gave, it's reasonable for people
to know about and use said features these days.  Reply and Reply to All
ignore mail-followup-to headers; reply/followup to list would pick up
those headers.

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