[Talk-us] Routing - Gate Nodes, and Gated Communities

mike.onines at juno.com mike.onines at juno.com
Thu Jun 11 19:17:39 BST 2009

Simple question:  Should I delete gate nodes at the entrance to gated communities, or can we agree on a set of tags that will let routing services know a gate is operable, and is reasonably likely to be passable?
Almost a year ago I started adding gate nodes in front of the gated communities which have sprung up in our city over the past few decades.  I marked the streets inside the community with a private tag, and placed a gate node at the entrance to the community.  To me this seemed to reflect the reality on the ground.  In the meantime, routing services have matured, and are becoming available to the web masses (maps.cloudmade.com for example), but most of the routing services are seeing the gates and consider them impassable.  This makes routing odd for anyone visiting someone in a gated community or living there.
Is there already a recognized set of tags to let routing services know a gate is operable?  Particularly in gated communities which usually have a punch pad allowing you to call someone in the community who can remotely open it for you.  If not, does this sound like something that should be added?
The alternative is deleting the gate nodes, which matches the behavior of most commercial online maps.
Any thoughts?
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