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OK, I looked into it a little bit more.  It turns out the routing engine Cloudmade is using will cross gate nodes with impunity, but will not encroach on an access=private way.  YOURS will not cross gate nodes, nor will it use an access=private way.  I like your proposed solution of having routing engines use private ways, but using a massive penalty for it to prevent use unless it is required.  For routing engines that will route across gate nodes they should probably include a note about the gate in any accompanying turn-by-turn directions.  I left a feedback comment to the cloudmade folks, we'll see if they do anything with it.

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On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 2:17 PM,
mike.onines at juno.com<mike.onines at juno.com> wrote:
> Simple question:Â  Should I delete gate nodes at the entrance to gated
> communities, or can we agree on a set of tags that will let routing services
> know a gate is operable, and is reasonably likely to be passable?

I think the correct behavior for the routing engine is to allow
routing over "access=private" ways at the destination or start of a
route and (if necessary) through a gate separating a private way from
a public way, rather than trying to fix every private way in the map.
The routing engine should then warn the user that the only route
available involves private ways.

Routing engines could easily implement something pretty close to these
rules by applying a massive penalty to private ways (so they are only
used if essential in a route).  The gate could just be treated as a
separate routing penalty.


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