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Hey Andy,
The OSM API will only allow 50,000 nodes at a time and ways of length
<1000 you'll want to make sure your shp to osm or gpx
converter will spit out osm/gpx files meeting those criteria (the 50,000
node limit has only been an issue for me with trails and
streams). If not you can do it by hand in JOSM by deleting excess nodes.

If your GPX provides you with a way or ways you'll need it/them and tag them
appropriately. All my nodes contain is attribution and import UUID
information for my NPS boundary.

Here's what I did with the National Park boundary [1] I recently imported:

1. imported <50,000 node boundary into JOSM (
2. broke park boundary into 5 seperate ways of ~1200 nodes (select node
split way, make sure the ways form an unbroken polygon if you're doing it in
 3. labeled each way with boundary=national_park leisure=nature_reserve (you
would probably use landuse=forest and leisure=nature_reserve?--see wiki page
for NFS) name="Name of Thing Boundary"
4. created a relation with each way of type=multipolygon with each way with
a role=outer (you can also use type=boundary, but as a boundary is just a
type of multipolygon I went with the latter)
5. labeled multipolygon with boundary=national_park, landuse=nature_reserve
(for National Forests landuse=forest, leisure=nature_reserve) name="Name of

Things to note:

I'm not saying this is the right way, this is just what I did, and it
renders correctly on mapnik and T at H

The advanced multipolygon wiki page [2] and it's talk page may come in handy

I also included a UUID with my upload (generated with python's uuid module
to both be able to attribute the data better and remove it easier if
something goes horribly wrong) and and attributed US-NFS (they provided the
National Park boundary data)

You may wish to use leisure=nature_reserve on only the wilderness areas
(even though they really aren't, you could also use landuse=wood) just to
get them to render properly and not give them a boundary since they're an
area inside of the National Forest. However you do it, posting on the wiki
for the National Forests would be personally appreciated (see previous
e-mai) as I will be encountering similar issues shortly--Olympic National
Park is skirted by National Forest and accompanying wilderness areas.


Good Luck!

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