[Talk-us] Fixing Alignments in JOSM

Andrew Ayre andy at britishideas.com
Wed Jun 24 07:13:11 BST 2009

Thanks for the hints Russ!


Russ Nelson wrote:
> On Jun 23, 2009, at 2:57 PM, Andrew Ayre wrote:
>> So I need to split the North-South way into two pieces and it  
>> intersects
>> the East-West way in two places.
> Select the node where both roads are joined.
> Press 'g' to unglue (or Unglue Ways on the menu)
> You'll have two nodes in the same spot.
> Click and drag the node to the right, so the road on the south is  
> aligned properly.
> (Unfortunately, sometimes you'll get the wrong node.  If so, then move  
> it south a bit, then move the correct node to the right.  Move the  
> east-west node back where it belongs.  Click back on the north-south  
> node to select it).
> Now the road on the north is misaligned.
> Split that way using 'p' (or Split Way on the menu).
> Again, unglue the node from the north and south ways using 'g'.
> Move the end of the north way back where it belongs.
> Select both nodes (they should be right on top of each other) by  
> drawing a box around them both.
> Join them together using 'm' (or Merge Nodes on the menu).
> If you have any trouble with this procedure, just ask and I'll do a  
> video tutorial on it.

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