[Talk-us] Mapping of State/county/national parks

Tyler tyler.ritchie at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 23:24:03 BST 2009

Just tagging the underlying landtypes and uses is fine (aside from most of
them not being natural) but doesn't at all account for the difference
between scrubland/seashore/whatever where you will be shot to death if
you trespass (military installations) and that which you're free to roam
around on and is designated a park.

> Then use the boundary key.  If you way up each of the unique sections, then
> create a multipolygon relation out of all of the boundary ways and
> additional multipolygons for each of the various landuses or ground covers.

Boundaries are a good solution, and are easy for the national lands set
aside for recreation boundary=national_park covers them nicely (and
renderers could easily decide to render them as filled green areas--standard

Through a quick discussion on #osm I'm going with boundary=national_park
(for all parks that aren't urban parks), admin_level="whatever the operator
level is", operator="whoever the operator is" and ownership="whoever the
owner is" parsing that out to re-tag it consistently later should be
relatively trivial.

Thanks for the discussion Adam,

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