[Talk-us] U.S. Local Chapters

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Thu Oct 1 20:16:40 BST 2009

It was pointed out to me that there are draft bylaws at

I responded to them at

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Anthony <osm at inbox.org> wrote:

> I'd recommend setting up the draft bylaws prior to making the decision of
> where to incorporate.  How we want to run the organization will help
> determine where (and whether) to incorporate.  And I'd recommend deciding
> upon membership types/fees prior to writing the draft bylaws, since that
> will be a major part of the bylaws.  Apart from that, I pretty much agree.
> Is too much to ask for to have everyone interested in the conference call
> set up Skype?
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