[Talk-us] tiger county boundaries (was:Re: Characterizing Systematic Errors in Hawaii and US Pacific Island Data)

Kevin ksamples at uga.edu
Sat Oct 3 05:32:14 BST 2009

yes, we can import a subset of the tiger data and it's easy to reproject 
to wgs80.  fyi, 2009 tiger is available.  i can import the county 
boundaries for hawaii right now since the it looks like the usgs county 
boundaries weren't imported.

the problem will arise on the mainland where people have edited the 
county boundaries with relations and what not.  there are no state 
boundaries in tiger and the current state boundaries is osm are in 
relations, but i see where some state boundaries are not in a relation 
with the county boundaries, shouldn't they be?  some usgs county 
boundaries that are also state boundaries are way off from the imported 
state boundaries.  not sure where those state boundaries came from.  
seems like we can do alot of clean up and remove duplicate ways for the 
same boundary if we import the tiger counties.  maybe i can begin to 
import on a state-by-state basis checking for edits and relations.  i 
can start a wiki for the import.  sound good?  suggestions?


Scott Atwood wrote:
> I'm completely unfamiliar with the process of importing TIGER data. 
>  Is it possible to import only a subset of the TIGER data, such as 
> that corresponding to the county/state/US boundaries at 3 miles?  Can 
> we verify that the 2008 TIGER data has the correct geodetic datum for 
> Hawaiʻi?  And if both of these are true, what do we need to do to 
> actually accomplish the import?
> -Scott
> On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 2:39 PM, Kevin Samples <ksamples at uga.edu 
> <mailto:ksamples at uga.edu>> wrote:
>     it looks like the county boundaries were imported from a USGS
>     source with a very course scale of 1:2,000,000.  The tiger county
>     boundaries are much better and have a scale of about 1:100,000.  
>     in any case, the county boundaries in the 2008 tiger dataset
>     maintain an approximate 3 mile buffer around the coastline.  maybe
>     we should think about importing the tiger county boundaries.  but
>     i'm sure it won't be easy.
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