[Talk-us] tiger county boundaries

Kevin ksamples at uga.edu
Sat Oct 3 09:41:27 BST 2009

i've imported the 2009 tiger county boundaries for Hawaii. 
(http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/166563)  i was incorrect 
when i said there are no tiger state boundaries, but they correspond 
exactly to the county boundaries.  i agree with apollinaris, some state 
data that may have been imported is probably still going to be better 
than tiger.  but to clarify, i don't see any county boundaries that were 
imported from the tiger datasets (us census bureau) which are 
1:100,000.  it looks like most of the existing counties were imported 
from the usgs national atlas dataset which are 1:2,000,000.


Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> let's do some analysis on the quality first. California has official  
> county borders. they don't align with the existing Tiger county/city  
> borders. Tiger data is very low quality and doesn't align at all with  
> Topo 24k. Also where borders can be easily matched to features on  
> ground in Yahoo  it's obviously wrong. If tiger 2009 is really high  
> quality then we should import it. And this time do it clean without  
> overlaps, relations for each county, align with state borders ....

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