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On 10/6/09 10:38 PM, Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> On 5 Oct 2009, at 22:07 , Mark Dalton wrote:
>> 2. Clone a pathway. Is is possible to select a pathway and clone it
>> for divided highways, or is there another method for this? I see that
>> I-94 is defined, but I know there is a way to designate it as a
>> divided motorway simply by defining the center of the path and then
>> selecting how far apart the division should be.
> might be easier in JOSM. JOSM has a duplicate function. But it's still
> quite some work to disconnect all ramps from one side and reconnect
> them to the cloned way. define all as oneway. revert the direction of
> the cloned way. verify and change the directions of all ramps where
> necessary. Disconnect crossing roads from the highway, add layer tags,
> bridge tags ....
> check the tiger fixup wiki for some hints what needs to be done.

Potlatch has a "parallel" tool specifically for divided highways. Select 
a way and press P, then specify how much of a gap you want between the 
two parallel ways. All it does is create the two ways: you then have to 
copy the tags over (select the original way, select one of the new ways, 
then press R), unlock the new ways (click the padlock icon), and delete 
the original way (select the way and press Shift+Backsp). You'll also 
have to disconnect overpasses etc. as Apollinaris mentioned.

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