[Talk-us] Fwd: Lake Winnepesaki rendering issue

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 12 23:30:39 BST 2009

David ``Smith'' wrote:

> Oops, I should have looked at your links *before* I sent my response.
> As it turns out, your lake looks just fine in Mapnik, but Osmarender
> is having some problems.  I'm pretty sure it's a rendering issue that
> the Osmarender or T at H guys need to fix, because I've seen issues like
> this in Illinois too.

It wasn't quite right in mapnik too, especially in the lower zooms that 
hadn't been rerendered yet. The islands had drowned, and the roads were 
now in the lake. I looked at it in JOSM, couldn't see fault, and had the 
lower zooms rerendered, and that cleared it up.

My guess was that there was an error with the data, and it got cleared 
up, and osmarender/t at h still has to rerender?

BTW: The current osm.org mapnik layer is now running with a new type of 
diffs, which shouldn't drop (parts of) large changesets as the old 
minutely diffs did, and give faster updates to boot!


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