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On 10/12/09 10:28 AM, Bill Ricker wrote:
> I sympathize with Greg, and if the surveyors and computational mappers
> ruled the world, the real world we seek to model will be simpler.
> On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 12:44 PM, David Lynch<djlynch at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> where city limits cross county lines,
> WTF? Where does that happen? down where a county is called a parish
> and is region within sound of a steeple?
>   NYC inverts normal, iirc NYC is effectively a federation of
> city-counties called boroughs, but no county line crosses NYC
> boundary, right?
> When Boston adsorbed towns in adjacent counties, Suffolk county gained
> land too -- and likewise Boston and Suffolk released towns in the
> harbor to a non-adjacent (on land) coastal county. (as a result,
> Norfolk Co Mass is reputedly the only tripartite noncontiguous county
> separated by towns in other counties not by water )
> If State and National electoral districts are included, the
> gerrymander boundary will assuredly cross, not follow, admin
> boundaries higher than Ward&  Precinct, which may be redrawn to
> convenience the gerrymander.

The Wikipedia list below links both to cities that exist separately in 
different counties (as in New York) and to cities that exist as one unit 
in multiple counties (as in Ohio):


Coincidentally, Louisiana doesn't have any cities listed there. I once 
lived in a Louisiana parish, but not really within sound of a steeple. 
There's an exception to every rule. :)

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