[Talk-us] Salt Fork Lake rendering issue

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 14 08:18:48 BST 2009

David ``Smith'' wrote:
> don't see a problem with redundant tagging.  If the renderer gets it
> wrong because of the way it's tagged, then the renderer needs to be
> fixed, not the tags.  But I'm confident that that's not even the
> problem here.

FYI: The renderer involved has no problems with that lake. I loaded the 
area in my own test server, and rendered a good map showing the lake. 
Something must have gone wrong during the import of your changes on the 
production osm.org mapnik tile server.

I did modify your relation after you sent your first request, but didn't 
get a chance to reply to this until now. I removed the two separate 
outer rings at the southeast area from the relation. Unfortunately, 
multipolygon relations with multiple outer rings are not yet supported 
well by mapnik/osm2pgsql. I had hoped my change would trigger the lake 
to show up, but it didn't, so my current theory is what I wrote above.


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