[Talk-us] Changing the account that uploaded the TIGER data

Jim Brown jim at cloudmade.com
Thu Oct 15 10:16:37 BST 2009

Hi Dave,

I think it a really good practice to use a specific account for either a big upload or a set of uploads...  Glad to see this.

As for your road, I can tell you that we (cloudmade) have used both that user id and the last edit date to decide if something is unedited tiger.  So my guess is that you edited it during the upload time frame prior to Feb 28, 2008...   touching the way now with that same id would change the date and our systems would treat it as having been edited (as the date would be later).

Its all approximation in any case...  many tiger roads will be looked at, determined to be fine and probably never edited which we have no way to detect eaisly either...  So, the unedited Tiger incidation on the sandbox is really about helping people figure out what may need to be looked at.  

We also try to determin batch and bot activity internally by looking at extreamly high levels of activity on a single account in a single day...  If it os over a threashold we flag it internally as bot/batch for our reference.   We could probably surface these flags as well as they may help mappers.  I'd think both in the sandbox maps we do (like matt's) and possibly in the mapzen editor as well to help people figure out what might need to be reviewed...

Anyway, great move on setting the new account...  that really helps keep things clear.

Jim Brown 

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So, I just noticed that this map:


has my own street listed as unedited TIGER data.  I think someone is
just using "user==DaveHansen" as a test for edited vs. uneditied TIGER

So, I changed the display name.  It is now DaveHansenTiger, with an
email of osm-tiger at sr71.net.  I created a new account 'DaveHansen' with
my regular dave at sr71.net email.  I promise not to use DaveHansenTiger
any more.  If I do a new upload, I'll use DaveHansenTiger2009 or


-- Dave

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