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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 22 00:55:37 BST 2009


Adam Schreiber wrote:
> I'm sorry that I'm not a database engineer.  I would think that some
> kind of block or re-direct could be made to the server responsible for
> the segment of the planet allotted to it.

That would be the "segmentation" route. Certainly possible (having many 
regions in the world where each is the master of its own data), however 
it would make certain operations more difficult ("give me the capital 
cities world wide" would be a query that would have to access servers on 
several continents). Also, when merging data from multiple segments, 
some kind of namespace would have to be introduced (so that node #1234 
from the Americas server is not confused with node #1234 from the Asia 
server etc.) - Edits spanning multiple segments would be near impossible 
(or, more positively perhaps, a big challenge).

> I would ask that you please refrain from getting up in arms over
> brainstorms about possible future directions.

Not "getting up in arms" (in fact I'm all in favor of "devolving" OSM 
centrality to the regions) - it was just that you sounded so confident 
that I thought you might have some good ideas on how to do it.

I have spent some time thinking about this but I always end up with 
"let's make distributed mirrors for reading but keep write accesses on 
the central server to avoid trouble".


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