[Talk-us] US-based Server

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Oct 22 02:22:42 BST 2009

On 10/21/09 9:16 PM, Anthony wrote:
> What about a segmentation in time?  During the time of day when most
> edits are being made from one part of the globe, make the server
> located there the read-write master, and the other(s) the read-only
> slave(s).
you'd have to accept a blackout period everytime you switch over. i'm in 
no position to
estimate how long that would be and how tolerable it would be.
> Yeah, I don't think you gain much by having multiple masters
> physically separated by large distances.  It's probably not worth it.
> But it'd be fun to implement if you had to :).
it'd be impossible unless you partitioned the data. async multimaster 
isn't really
a very reasonable thing to try otherwise.


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