[Talk-us] Parking on the Street, Variable Availability Parking

Christopher Covington cov at vt.edu
Fri Oct 23 18:02:18 BST 2009

>From the wiki,

"Parking spaces along streets are currently not tagged. Only parking
lots of reasonable size are mapped, not every place where a car could be

Is there any solution to this? At, for example, the student apartment
complexes in Blacksburg, VA, there are very few parking spaces where
non-residents can park. Some of these are on the street. It would be
very useful to map these spaces. Any way to do it that would be better
than drawing thin strips?

Also, any tips on adding variable availability public parking
information, i.e. reserved for faculty staff M-F 9-5, public otherwise
or metered M-F 9-5, free otherwise?


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