[Talk-us] U.S. Chapter Working Group Status

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Wed Oct 28 03:16:39 GMT 2009

Hi Everyone,

We'll have minutes up from Saturday's working group call shortly.  Below is
a summary of Saturday's call.

Essentially what we discussed was what we need to do in order to move things
forward.  I'm going act as Chairwoman to ensure future calls happen, have an
agenda and moderate them.  Serge Wroclawski is temporarily acting as
Secretary but would appreciate being relieved of that job.

We are going to have weekly calls on Monday at 5PM PST/8PM EST with a hard
stop after 30 minutes. Weekly calls will help has gain momentum in chapter
formation and help in organization.

I have created a section for our calls on the U.S. Chapter wiki page:

If you intend to call in or are interested in participating but are unable
please add your name. I have created a draft agenda in this section as well,
if you have proposed agenda items please add them here.


Kate Chapman
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