[Talk-us] Proposal to change ref format for county roads in Florida from "(x)" to "CR x"

Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 13:17:43 BST 2010

Presently numbered county roads in Florida (and New Jersey) are tagged
using parentheses, for example ref=(535) for County Road 535. The
reasons for this are essentially a historical accident. I'm proposing
a semi-automated change from this to ref=CR 535. The present format is
likely confusing to most users, while the new format would be easier
to understand and no harder for a renderer to convert to a shield.

The steps would be to download a XAPI query of ref=* for Florida and
then to use regular expressions to change the refs. I'm not quite sure
how to do the latter; JOSM doesn't seem to have a find-replace
function. Does anyone have experience with this sort of replacement
and can offer advice?

I'm sending this proposal to the talk-us mailing list as well as to
individual mappers who have edited recently in Florida. Please discuss
it either on the list or through the OSM messaging system.

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