[Talk-us] Would Like To Clean Salt Lake City Street Names

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Thu Aug 5 08:40:26 BST 2010

This is in progress, and taking forever (I about 10,000 ways in all).

Apparently uploading large changesets with JOSM takes a long time.  Not 
sure if it's JOSM or the server.  Worse, I started to upload some changes 
(using 1000 size chunks as JOSM couldn't handle it all at once), but it 
took forever and didn't look like it was making progress so I canceled it. 
Well apparently the server got the changes and posted them so when I tried 
again I got a conflict. ... and than after trying various things which I 
won't go into I got things going again, this time using 100 size chunks so 
at least I know its making progress.

Moral of the story, when uploading a large changeset with JOSM use small 
chunks (like 100) or be very very patient.

BTW: I also looked into using an upload script, but the only one I could 
find that would do what I want with the new API (0.6) requires python 3 
which I don't have installed (there is a python 2 version, but that failed 
with a syntax error).

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