[Talk-us] Would Like To Clean Salt Lake City Street Names

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 18:19:56 BST 2010

I'm afraid we've veered way off topic here.

There were three topics and I'd like to close one of them (or spin it
off) and discuss the other two.

Topic 3 (the unimportant one):

Periods are AFAIK, valid in OSM. We don't care about the underlying
implementation, whether it's Postgres or Mongo or anything else. We
communicate to an API and the API says what is and isn't valid. For
you CS people, that's why we have APIs and separation of concerns. :)

I'm happy to discuss this with folks (as I've looked into this a bit)
but I'd love if we dropped it from this thread.

Topic 1:

Is this proposed mass-change something good for Salt Lake City. That
is does it fit in with the way locals name the streets. This seemed to
get lost somewhere in the discussion but is the most important thing
about this change.

A rule of thumb is if you're thinking of doing something like this,
announce it and wait 10 days for feedback. 10 days is just long enough
to be frustrating, and gives people time to give useful feedback. Of
course I'm not the king of OSM, but that's just something I recommend

Topic 2:

Bots and Imports

I don't know why we in the US love bots and imports so much. I admit
their utility, but we have to be really careful about them.

What do people think of a something like "A friendly guide to bots and imports"?

- Serge

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