[Talk-us] A Friendly Guide to 'Bots and Imports

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Aug 5 20:46:45 BST 2010

On Sat, Jan 8, 2000 at 4:20 PM, Katie Filbert <filbertk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bad imports are bad for the osm.  High quality data carefully imported is
> helpful.  If such high quality data is available for us that is as good or
> better than what we can do ourselves, then it's fine not to reinvent the
> wheel. Where it's lower quality data than what we can do ourselves, then
> let's not use it.
[ ... ]
> Leaving imports to local mappers is good.  They are best able to assess the
> quality of the data for that area an care about quality of their local map
> data.   It also leaves "low hanging fruit" for them. Some areas without
> local mappers may take longer to "finish". That is okay.

I have no arguments with this.

Consider this: Does importing to an area where there is no thriving
OSM community inhibit the creation of that thriving community in

At SotM, one of our friends suggested that imports are, "okay except
road networks.  Never import road networks."  The suggestion is that
building the road network also builds the community.  An existing road
network inhibits the community.  I apologize for not attributing that
comment.  I've forgotten who said it to me.

Or from another point of view.  If the local community isn't
substantial enough to maintain the imported data and keep it up to
date, is it better to not import until the community can maintain it?
Why import 2004 data, if it will be unchanged when the 2006 update is
published?  Does that mean that you should only import once you have
such a thriving community and high quality local data that you no
longer would benefit substantially from that import?

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