[Talk-us] A Friendly Guide to 'Bots and Imports

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 5 21:38:47 BST 2010


    your computer thinks it is the year 2000. I see you sent that from 
your iPhone. Maybe you had your fingers on the wrong spot so it didn't 
get a time signal.

Katie Filbert wrote:
> Bad imports are bad for the osm.  High quality data carefully imported 
> is helpful. 

Not unconditionally.

For example, high quality data carefully exported which is a copy of 
someone else's, and which is maintained professionally at the source, 
may not be helpful (because while we import it as high quality, the 
quality vis-a-vis the original source will deteriorate over time, with 
the original source issuing updates that we cannot import easily).

Also, high quality data carefully imported which depicts things we 
cannot possibly edit - example: official airspace boundaries - is not 
helpful, since we are not a collector of data, but a data maintenance 
machine - anything static that cannot be modified by our mappers will 
always remain a foreign object.

> Leaving imports to local mappers is good.  They are best able to assess 
> the quality of the data for that area an care about quality of their 
> local map data. It also leaves "low hanging fruit" for them. Some 
> areas without local mappers may take longer to "finish". That is okay.

+1 to that.


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