[Talk-us] minutes from August 5th OSMF US chapter conference call

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Aug 6 01:34:06 BST 2010

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OSM US Chapter Call August 5th, 2010


Kate Chapman, Serge Wroclawski, Richard Welty, Thea Clay, Steven Johnson

Approval of Minutes

July 22nd, 2010


Thea motion to approve, Serge seconded. no objections, minutes approved.

Consent Agenda

Nothing scheduled.

Officers Reports

Kate Chapman (President)

Has been focused on SOTM-US stuff. Wishes to start on tax-exempt 
paperwork after SOTM-US.

Serge Wroclawski (VP)

Working on presentations and with Ian on OSM US server work.

Richard Welty (Secretary)

1) Membership report as of 6PM ET 8/5/2010. 23 have filled out 
membership forms: 20 paid members, 2 have submitted forms but not paid 
via Paypal. 1 has paid via paypal but the payment was reversed. One 
student discount so far. Need to contact (again) the 3 unpaid to resolve 
the issue.

2) Election report: nominations open, 9 nominations. All nominees to 
date are paid members and eligible to serve.

3) i have requested that mailman (or equivalent mailing list manager) be 
installed on openstreetmap.us to facilitate an announce@ list for members.

Thea Clay (Treasurer)

- PayPal account = $1,613.94 USD as of 5:20 PM August 5, 2010.

(Apx $400 in membership dues and $1,200 in SOTM US fees and sponsorships)

- Wachovia Bank total = $.22 as of 5:20 August 5, 2010.

- Need to work out a process to transfer accounts to new treasurer asap 
because transfer of accounts will be involved process and require 
multiple steps. Suggest finding way to avoid having accounts in 
individuals names in the future.

- Vendor payments begin for SOTM US on Monday August 9, 2010

Steven Johnson (at Large)

1) Ticket issue for SOTM registrant. Thea has started corrective action.

2) Working on SOTM issues for the past several weeks, sponsorship and 
panel related.

Old Business

Election Observer

Thea hopes to have a name for an Independent Election Observer to 
nominate shortly.

Election Procedure

After some discussion, it was agreed to use survey monkey as was done 
with the first election.

New Business

Role Email accounts

These are needed for roles such as treasurer. Action item for Serge. 
This will facilitate handing Thea’s concern about transition of 
Treasurer to a new board member.

Annual Meeting Format

The question was raised of how we will run the first annual meeting. 
Serge suggests we probably are required to produce a formal annual 
report. It was agreed that we would all review the bylaws and further 
discuss in email.

Mapping Parties

Kate reports Penn State wants to learn how to put on a mapping party.

Serge is still working on a DC mapping party, but is deferring further 
effort until after SOTM US.

Motion to Adjourn

Thea motion to adjourn, Kate seconded. No objections, meeting adjourned.

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