[Talk-us] BoF Sessions at SOTM US

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 12:24:13 BST 2010

We're just over a week away from SOTM US and there's already talk
about BoF sessions, so I wanted to bring this up to the larger

A BoF session, if you're not familiar, is a Birds of a Feather
session, and it's a gathering of people in the same position, or at
least who have the same interest on a topic. These folks gather in a
room and what happens beyond that is up to the BoF organizer.
Sometimes they have a presentation followed by discussion, sometimes
it's a structured discussion (with an agenda), and sometimes it's an
open discussion.

I think they can be really valuable in bringing people together who
might not otherwise even know that there are others with the same
questions/problems/frustrations that they do.

I'm hoping to have two BoF sessions at SOTM US: One on imports and
bots[1] and the other on general questions about the future of OSM US
infrastructure[2]. I bring this up because I'd like attendees to think
about topics they're interested in, and maybe running your own BoF at
the conference.

- Serge

[1] This is a contentious topic in the US community and so I expect
this to be a lot of fun... Trying to bring together those people who
want to get data in OSM as quickly as possible with those who've seen
the damage of bad imports and bots.

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