[Talk-us] How to get college students involved?

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at cse.taylor.edu
Fri Aug 6 18:00:48 BST 2010

 Hi. The following may be outside your time and interest scope, but I am
interested in hearing from anybody who is willing to nibble on my
requests. I have never actually done any mapping work, but joined this
list and lurked with the hope of starting to learn about the tools and

I teach computer science at a university about half way between
Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne. I would love to have someone show us how to
get involved mapping precise data locally and submitting it to various
online data sets, or working on software that is helpful to OSM and
others. We have students who need senior projects, and also run the
occasional special topics class.

If anybody is interested, I would like to start a dialog, or at least
get some pointers to the right direction.

-- sb
Stefan Brandle, Taylor University Computer Science and Engineering
sbrandle at cse.taylor.edu, Telephone: 765-998-4685 FAX: 765-998-4940
http://www.cse.taylor.edu/~sbrandle, http://www.facebook.com/TaylorCSE

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