[Talk-us] Moving forward with the bot discussion

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Sat Aug 7 03:27:06 BST 2010

On Fri, 6 Aug 2010, Serge Wroclawski wrote:

> 2. Lets make it easy to spin up small instances of OSM, or instances
> of small area of OSM.
> I know there's docs on how to do this- from getting the rails code to
> getting the database, and mapnik working. So lets make this process
> easier and more straightforward.
> I've started a project to use the configuration management system Chef
> to build instances of OSM servers. So if someone knows the process of
> building a small instance of OSM, and can walk me through each step,
> we can probably automate the whole thing pretty easily.

Would it be possible to make this a service so that one doesn't have to 
bother with setting up a private instance of OSM on there computer.  I 
image the usage would be something like this:

1) A user chooses an area they want to test some scripts on, a clone of the 
relevant parts of the database is made, but tiles will be shared with 
the main server, until changes are made.

2) Users can upload they changes to there private space and see the 
results of there changes (tile updates should be accelerated to aid in the 

3) And any time they can request that they changes be abandoned and a 
fresh clone is made.

4) To conserve space, if after a fixed period of time the private space is 
unused, a diff from the clone point is made and everything else is 

> 3. Let's make a tool to make it easy to compare changes in OSM.
> This would probably need to be a tool written from scratch, but
> ideally a tool would report all the changes between two versions of
> OSM (before-bot/import and after bot/import).
> I imagine there'd be a mapping component to this (mapnik rendered maps
> side by side or as layers on top of one another), a pretty printed XML
> diff, and maybe some kind of tabular display of objects and values.
> I can do some of this, but I'd love some help here.

I can fairly quickly write a tool to take an OSM file and than a OsmChange 
file or a JOSM style modified OSM file file and output a text based report 
on the changes.  It will be in Perl because I don't particular like or 
know python.

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