[Talk-us] Proposal to change ref format for county roads in Florida from "(x)" to "CR x"

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Sat Aug 7 20:50:36 BST 2010

On Wed, 04 Aug 2010 08:17:43 -0400, Nathan Edgars II wrote:

> Presently numbered county roads in Florida (and New Jersey) are tagged
> using parentheses, for example ref=(535) for County Road 535. The
> reasons for this are essentially a historical accident. I'm proposing a
> semi-automated change from this to ref=CR 535. The present format is
> likely confusing to most users, while the new format would be easier to
> understand and no harder for a renderer to convert to a shield.

I don't see a problem with this.  Be careful, I've noticed some areas 
where the numbers are in () for state routes as well (since most maps 
render state routes with the MUTCD generic state route oval).

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