[Talk-us] Directional Prefix/Postfix Proposal (take 2)

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Sun Aug 8 06:13:46 BST 2010

I'm giving this another shot, this time I am completely staying out of the 
abbreviation debate.

A full street address included more than just a Number and a Street, it 
also includes a directional prefix and suffix.  Vid the kid, gave an 
excellent overview at http://vidthekid.info/misc/osm-abbr.html.  For 
example (from his page) in the address:
    4242 S Champion Ave E
The 'S' is a directional prefix and the 'E' is the suffix and in:
    1337 Rainbow Dr SW
The 'SW' is a directional suffix (really a quadrant suffix).

I hereby propose new tags to record the presence of directional indicators 
in the address as follows:

Assuming the name is stored in "name" the new tags shall be
If an alternative street name is stored in another tag than replace "name" 
with that tag, for example "alt_name:prefix".

If the directional prefix or suffix is not part of the name than the 
appropriate tag shall be used to indicate the need for a directional 
prefix in an address.  It shall be one of:
    'N' 'S' 'E' 'W', 'NW' 'SW', 'NE', 'SE'

If it is included in the word "included" shall be used instead.  This 
means the the first word (for a prefix) or the last word (for a suffix) is 
a directional indicator.

The inclusion of a directional prefix or suffix should be decided on a 
city by city bases and is not part of this proposal.

The full name can go in 'name:full" as an aid in name finder and the like. 
But this tag is essentially redundant so I am glad to make it optional.

If the full name is not provided the formation of an address shall be as
    <number> <prefix if exists and not the word "included">
      <name> <suffix if exists and not the word "included">


I use the word "included" rather than a new tag to simplify data entry.  It 
also does not significantly complicate usage of the tag.  But I am not dead 
set on the idea.

Separating out the base name and the street type would be nice, but I 
don't think anyone will really enter in all those tags.  Also I want to 
limit the scope to directional prefix or postfixes.


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