[Talk-us] Directional Prefix/Postfix Proposal (take 2)

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Mon Aug 9 22:05:34 BST 2010

I went ahead and wrote up a proposal at:

I also notice that some people are removing the directional prefixes 
_without_ storing the information in another tag.  See:

So I think it is in everyone's best interest that is proposal goes through 
ASAP, to prevent the lose of information.

On Sat, 7 Aug 2010, Kevin Atkinson wrote:

> I'm giving this another shot, this time I am completely staying out of the 
> abbreviation debate.
> A full street address included more than just a Number and a Street, it also 
> includes a directional prefix and suffix.  Vid the kid, gave an excellent 
> overview at http://vidthekid.info/misc/osm-abbr.html.  For example (from his 
> page) in the address:
>   4242 S Champion Ave E
> The 'S' is a directional prefix and the 'E' is the suffix and in:
>   1337 Rainbow Dr SW
> The 'SW' is a directional suffix (really a quadrant suffix).
> I hereby propose new tags to record the presence of directional indicators in 
> the address as follows:
> Assuming the name is stored in "name" the new tags shall be
>   name:prefix
>   name:suffix
>   name:full
> If an alternative street name is stored in another tag than replace "name" 
> with that tag, for example "alt_name:prefix".
> If the directional prefix or suffix is not part of the name than the 
> appropriate tag shall be used to indicate the need for a directional prefix 
> in an address.  It shall be one of:
>   'N' 'S' 'E' 'W', 'NW' 'SW', 'NE', 'SE'
> If it is included in the word "included" shall be used instead.  This means 
> the the first word (for a prefix) or the last word (for a suffix) is a 
> directional indicator.
> The inclusion of a directional prefix or suffix should be decided on a city 
> by city bases and is not part of this proposal.
> The full name can go in 'name:full" as an aid in name finder and the like. 
> But this tag is essentially redundant so I am glad to make it optional.
> If the full name is not provided the formation of an address shall be as
> follows:
>   <number> <prefix if exists and not the word "included">
>     <name> <suffix if exists and not the word "included">
> Notes:
> I use the word "included" rather than a new tag to simplify data entry.  It 
> also does not significantly complicate usage of the tag.  But I am not dead 
> set on the idea.
> Separating out the base name and the street type would be nice, but I don't 
> think anyone will really enter in all those tags.  Also I want to limit the 
> scope to directional prefix or postfixes.
> Thoughts?

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