[Talk-us] Can US OSM help with license upgrade? (was: Re: License Upgrade - Stage Two Begins)

Phil! Gold phil_g at pobox.com
Thu Aug 12 16:56:18 BST 2010

* Nakor <nakor.osm at gmail.com> [2010-08-12 10:23 -0400]:
> My only issue is the first paragraph of the Contributor Terms. I do
> not have **explicit** permission from the various US government
> entities and do not feel comfortable accepting those terms.

I'm not on legal-talk, but I was pointed at this post today:


It says that the legal principle is (probably; it's asking for legal
confirmation) that if anyone is allowed to use it according to its
official license, that license constitutes explicit permission, even if
you haven't received personal permission.

The list archives don't show any response from OSMF legal counsel on the
issue yet.

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