[Talk-us] Address Standard

Alan Millar amillar503 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 04:18:20 BST 2010

This is rather ironic as this conversation thread goes, but I have never
in my life been to Utah until today.  

(I got to drive through Preston and see Napoleon's thrift store and the
Cuttin' Corral, but that's another story :-)

I am currently on a road trip and today I am in Utah.  In the last hour
I just drove on  200 So.,  200 S.,  200 South,  No. Temple,  N. Temple,
and North Temple.  I also drove past 1400 West and "1465 W" without a
period.  And those were the city signs!  That doesn't include addresses
signed on buildings, which included several "West North Temple".  I did
not once see "W North Temple" or "W. North Temple" on any signs or

I also saw similar variations of both "South" and "So." in Preston,
Smithfield, and Logan.  And that is not from a mapping trip, but just
passing through town on US 91.

So, no, I don't trust that mappers are going to remember abbreviation
rules only for limited definitions of subjectively-optional name parts,
when they disagree with city signs.  If OSM rules do disagree with
signs, they need to be simple and readily verifiable by others.

For people who are new or can't figure it out, put the whole
unabbreviated name in the "name" tag.  Period.  For address nerds who
care, put the additional information in additional tags.

West North Temple needs to be tagged as:

  name=West North Temple
  name_base=North Temple

or something like that.  Full, unabbreviated name in the "name" tag,
with additional tags for additional semantics.  Mix and match additional
tags as you like.  Unambiguous.  

>From there, you can do anything you could possibly want with the map
renderer(s), mkgmap, navit, or any other map data application, without
guessing or getting it wrong.

- Alan

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