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Isn't NAIP always flown leaf-on? It is required to be flown during the peak of the agricultural growing seasons. Cover-maps don't show any states where it was ever flown leaf-off:

The is also a useful directory of distribution nodes here:
Many of which have WMS connectors.

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Interesting. I'll have to do a little sleuthing tomorrow at the office and
tell you what the different URLs are (and if there is anything better yet).
Just a quick browse tells me what you are using draws from The National Map
whereas Ian's URL was purely NAIP. The National Map includes the imagery
captured as part of the 133 most populated places and is .3m color as well
as a few other flyovers.

I heard a rumor the other day that the USDA wants to start doing NAIP
leaf-on (i.e., when the trees have full canopies). That sucks for most
purposes other than monitoring the health of trees. But that's just a rumor
right now.


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