[Talk-us] Address Standard

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Fri Aug 13 20:14:39 BST 2010

On Fri, 13 Aug 2010, Brad Neuhauser wrote:

> So, can we agree that in some areas the directionals *are* necessary
> for display?  If not yet, in Minneapolis there are many more examples.
> To wit, there are four separate roads that are 3rd Ave, each with a
> different directional: N, S, NE, SE.  For a little Where's Waldo fun,
> see if you can find 'em all! (abbreviated, of course):
> http://osm.org/go/T@fd4YC5--

Here is what I am saying:

1) If the directionals indicate a region of the city, the information 
needs to conveyed somehow.  This does not necessary mean that they need to 
be part of the street name.  If they are part of the street name they 
should probably be displayed in an abbreviated form.

2) If the directional are more part of an address, as I outlined in my 
other email, than they are probably best left off the map altogether. 
But this should be evaluated on a city by city bases.  Even if they are 
left off the map, they are needed for forming addresses so the information 
should be tagged somehow.

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