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If you want to see the mother of all street naming trainwrecks, have a look
at Hickory, NC. Story goes that sometime back in the '30's, the city
fathers/mothers thought they would rationalize street naming. But what makes
sense on gridded streets makes an *awful* mnemonic device for wayfinding,
especially in the hilly, western piedmont of NC. You also have some really
perverse examples of streetnaming, like "19th Ave Pl NW".

Rather than look to paper maps and Google for how they map it, it may be
more useful to look at how local E911 services and USPS treat these
addresses. There are times when a street type (e.g. Ave, St, Ln, Pl) is part
of the name (e.g. 19th Ave Pl NW, where "Ave" is part of the street name)
and times when the directional prefix/suffix (e.g. N, S, E W) are part of
the street name (e.g. "North Temple"). I think only local knowledge is the
way to resolve these issues.

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On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 16:55, Richard Welty <rwelty at averillpark.net> wrote:

>  On 8/13/10 1:27 PM, Dave Hansen wrote:
>> Maybe Oregon's just weird, but that *IS* the way our streets are.  "NW"
>> is a fundamental part of the street name.
> ditto for St Pete Florida, without the N/S/NE/SE directionals, you're lost.
> they're pretty fundamental. the avenues number north and south from
> Central Avenue:
> 5th Avenue N
> 4th Avenue N
> 3rd Avenue N
> 2nd Avenue N
> 1st Avenue N
> Central Avenue
> 1st Avenue S
> 2nd Avenue S
> 3rd Avenue S
> 4th Avenue S
> 5th Avenue S
> the N and S labeled versions  are completely different, parallel
> streets.if you suppress the directionals, you are losing critical
> information.
> richard
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