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Dale Puch dale.puch at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 21:50:47 BST 2010

Well, personally there is what is, what should be, and what is practical.

The directional prefix/suffix absolutely should not be dropped from any
streets.  Even ones that are simple straight lines that change N/S or E/W at
a point along it.  Treat them as 2 different streets.

What to abbreviate...  nothing in the database.  Let the renders ect. decide
what to or not to.

The database would be much better with the address broken into well defined
parts.  Ideally without the current name tag, and always build the full
name.  I doubt this would work well for data entry by OSM users though.
Unabreviated directional prefix/suffix, type, and the base/remaining name
might be palatable though.  Anything that will not fit nicely into the extra
tags just goes in the base name tag.  In fact, keep using the current name


On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 12:07 AM, Kevin Atkinson <kevin at atkinson.dhs.org>wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Aug 2010, Steven Johnson wrote:
>  If you want to see the mother of all street naming trainwrecks, have a
>> look
>> at Hickory, NC. Story goes that sometime back in the '30's, the city
>> fathers/mothers thought they would rationalize street naming. But what
>> makes
>> sense on gridded streets makes an *awful* mnemonic device for wayfinding,
>> especially in the hilly, western piedmont of NC. You also have some really
>> perverse examples of streetnaming, like "19th Ave Pl NW".
> Thanks for the other data point.  In case I didn't make it already clear in
> my other emails, what I am saying is that maybe always displaying the
> directionals is not always the best way to present them.  I do not know what
> the correct solution is.  However, I am not advocating the complete
> suppression except in limited cases.  For example, when the directional is
> more of a positive/negative for an address than specifying a region of the
> city, such as the case in Salt Lake City.  The decision to suppress
> directionals in this limited case should be evaluated on a city by city
> bases and by those who are familiar with the area.
>  Rather than look to paper maps and Google for how they map it, it may be
>> more useful to look at how local E911 services and USPS treat these
>> addresses.
> That is not going to help, what is at issue here (at least for me) is what
> should be displayed as part of the street name of a map.  Not what goes into
> the address.
>  There are times when a street type (e.g. Ave, St, Ln, Pl) is part
>> of the name (e.g. 19th Ave Pl NW, where "Ave" is part of the street name)
>> and times when the directional prefix/suffix (e.g. N, S, E W) are part of
>> the street name (e.g. "North Temple"). I think only local knowledge is the
>> way to resolve these issues.
> Yes local knowledge is the only way to resolve it.
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