[Talk-us] Brainstorming an Import Tool

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Tue Aug 17 13:27:39 BST 2010

  On 8/17/10 8:18 AM, Ian Dees wrote:
> I agree, but in places that do have a community, I think a tool would 
> be helpful. That's why I asked about brainstorming for an import tool, 
> not brainstorming for community. While that's extremely (and much 
> more) important, we did a lot of that during SotM US and the need for 
> a tool like this was identified -- especially when the 2010 Tiger data 
> comes out.
i concur, Tiger 2010 has some much improved road centerline data for a 
of states.

we need some sort of conflation tool, maybe a josm plugin or something, 
that lets
us A-B current OSM vs potential imports and merge the parts we want to 
keep. it'd
be a semi-manual process, lots of existing tiger stuff can be just be 
replaced if it
was never edited.


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