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Katie Filbert filbertk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 21:44:12 BST 2010

For addresses, we have the various pieces split up, such as
addr:housenumber, addr:street.

For streets, how about something like this:

* name =  S Main St (common name, whatever appropriate for the locale; in
this example locale, it's not usual to include the suffix; in other locales
it should be included.)
* name:prefix = South
* name:street = Main
* name:type = Street
* name:suffix = SW

The name tag could be useful with the default OSM map rendering.

The other tags that break up the name would be useful for computer
processing and alternative uses and renderings of OSM data.

This could also address another issue I'm seeing... bots and people going
around and changing the street names in Washington DC to spell out the
suffix: NW -> Northwest, thus the name renders fully like "Stephenson Place
Northwest" or whatever the name.

It's cool to have the full name there, but the rendering is messy.  I would
prefer Stephenson Pl NW, which is how street signs do it here, or perhaps
Stephenson Place NW.  No one ever spells out NW -> Northwest in the street
names here.

As for including NW or not in the main name tag, I would for DC and it's
fine to have it render. I absolutely don't want to impose this way of doing
things that's appropriate for DC upon other cities and locales.  Do what
makes sense for you.

With breaking up the pieces of the street name and not having a single
"name" tag, it may be possible to have things both ways.


Katie Filbert
filbertk at gmail.com
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